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At CCM Commercial Real Estate Services, our service philosophy hinges on the belief that every property and every client requires a custom-tailored approach as no property and client are exactly the same. Every client is equally important to us, and we believe in fostering long-term relationships beyond the completion of a transaction.

We specialize in the following real estate disciplines:

Whether you are selling or leasing a property, selling or buying a business or property, or looking for optimum commercial redevelopment or investments opportunities—the CCM Commercial team is skilled at handling and navigating negotiations on behalf of our clients to ensure that they reach their most profitable returns and investment objectives. Commercial real estate transactions can get quite complex, quite time-consuming, and at times, quite emotional depending upon the client and the nature of the commercial transaction. We strategically guide our clients through the entire process, while providing open, honest, and direct communications along the way. At CCM Commercial, we are your partner for success.

Whether your commercial property interests are small and local, or large and national—we use our experience, expertise, and market knowledge to analyze properties in terms of location, value, demographics, quality, tenant improvements, operating costs, and a host of other variables to help our clients identify and realize the best commercial investment strategy. Our brokerage services span retail, office, industrial, multi-family, self-storage, and specialty commercial properties.

Real estate investing is very different from investing in the stock market. When investing in property, you’ve got to be clear about your investment strategy. Are you going after high returns, or are you going for long-term capital growth? In any real estate investment, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. What is the return on investment (ROI), net operating income (NOI), and debt service? Are you able to manage your own property? What are the zoning laws? Does the city have any plans to put in a new highway nearby? When done right, real estate investment is one of the best long-term wealth-building investment vehicles out there.

At CCM Commercial, our goal is to help our clients maximize their returns while minimizing their risks. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with knowledge based insights, real-time market data and analysis, and valid reasoning and rationale to help them make smart real estate investment decisions.

CCM Commercial has a combined 50+ years of sales and marketing experience. When someone purchases or leases your property, it’s not simply a financial decision—it’s also an emotional one. Marketing is about reaching emotions and personal touchpoints. We make it our business to research and learn about your property’s target market, demographics, neighborhood culture, and unique value-adds. We know full well that your property may not be the right fit for everyone. This is why we won’t be marketing your property to everyone. The CCM Commercial marketing team’s ultimate goal and objective is to achieve maximum reach and exposure for your property by targeting the most qualified buyers or tenants.

Our CCM 360™ strategic marketing process targets your prospective clients where they live, search, and play. By custom-designing a series of timed, interactive customer touch points, we can effectively and efficiently communicate the value of your property to get desired results and outcomes.

Our strategic Property Management Partner works with CCM Commercial to assist our clients with managing and protecting their commercial investments. Property management is a balancing act between maximizing current and long-term physical property value, handling tenant relationships, maintaining an optimum property brand presence, and preserving marketplace reputation.

Our Property Management Partner we’ll work with with you to achieve your ownership goals. They employ seasoned and experienced staff that are highly skilled in preparing operational plans, creating realistic budgets, and implementing updated technology to ensure accuracy and efficiency within the property management process. A variety of vendors servicing the property are vetted to ensure that you receive great services at reasonable prices to help keep operational costs down. Additionally, highly experienced property maintenance personnel are also employed with a 24-hour emergency response time.

Through CCM Commercial’s strategic alliance with our Residential Estate Partner, we are able to offer residential realty services to our customers who have needs that extend beyond commerical properties. Residential properties have their own unique set of considerations—depending upon whether you are planning to sell your home, purchase a home, or invest in rental property. Some clients want only homes in a specific neighborhood, while others want the best home to match their budgets. Our Residential Real Estate partner will provide our clients with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) about comparable homes that have sold to determine the best selling price; how long a home has been on the market; what homes haven’t sold, and current activity within the local real-estate market. At CCM Commercial, it’s our committment to provide the expertise you need to help you reach the best-matched and most profitable residential investment.