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The CCM Commercial marketing team has a combined 50+ years of sales and marketing experience. Marketing is not only about reaching the right prospects—it’s about reaching the right emotions. This concept is the basis of all our property marketing campaigns. We know, and you know, that your property may not be the right fit for everyone. As such, we won’t be marketing your property to everyone. We believe in running our business and engaging with our clients in a smart and efficient way.

Ninety-eight percent (98%) of commercial properties are searched on the Internet. These days, commercial property buyers, renters, and investors are proactive in their own property searches. With this understanding, 98% of our property marketing efforts are rooted in the creation of technology-based marketing assets that are easily accessed and viewed with a touch or swipe on a smart device. This said however, we will always support all technology-based marketing initiatives with specific client touchpoints (i.e. phone follow-ups, in-person follow-ups, etc.).

CCM 360™ — CCM Commercial’s Strategic Marketing Process CCM 360 is our technology-based marketing process designed to reach your property’s target audience where they live, work, search, and play. Every client, like every property, is different. CCM 360 is customized for each client—depending upon whether you are a commercial property seller, buyer, landlord, renter, or investor. As a quick overview, our step-by-step process is outlined below (in general terms):

Step 1: Identify key “emotional touchpoints” for your property to craft a unique story.

Step 2: Develop a tailored marketing strategy whereby we target the “highest and best use” for your property, and map out the “highest and best client segments” to target for your property.

Step 3: Create customized property marketing assets that will speak directly to your property’s target audience, engage their interest, attract inquiries, and move prospects towards the path to purchase or lease with the goal of attracting multiple offers.

Step 4: Launch completed property marketing assets into targeted venues for maximum reach and exposure for your property.

Step 5: Initiate follow-up efforts to field inquiries, gauge interest, determine highest/best use and prospects, and provided needed assistance if prospects would like to move forward towards purchase offer or LOI.

Step 6: Present offers to our clients with in-depth discussions and explanations of all offers. Provide our opinions about whether or not the offer(s) will have a high probability of success so our clients can make their best decision(s) based on facts.

Step 7: Collaborate and work with our clients to structure the best, most optimum terms for our clients.

Step 8: Partner with our clients towards a successful close and/or finalization of lease documents.

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CCM 360™

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CCM 360 is our technology-based marketing process designed to reach your property’s target audience where they live, work, search, and play. Our process is customized for each client, depending upon whether you are a commercial property seller, landlord, buyer, renter, or investor.