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CCM Commercial

We are a multidisciplinary real estate firm dedicated to helping you and your business succeed. Every client comes to us with different needs, cost and sales parameters, desired property specifications, and time preferences. At CCM Commercial, we don’t just move you from point A to point B. Our collaborative, proactive, customer-centric processes are designed to help our clients reach their most profitable investment objectives.

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When working with Commercial Sellers or Landlords: CCM Commercial applies over two decades of sales and marketing savvy to helping our commercial sellers and landlords effectively engage prospective buyers. We ask a series of qualifying questions in addition to tour your property. Once we have completed our due diligence and research on your property to gain a full and complete understanding of your desired goals, property background, information, and specifications, we will begin the process of crafting a unique story and customized marketing assets that speak directly to the right audience to achieve maximum reach, maximum interest, and multiple offers on your property.

When working with Commercial Buyers, Renters, or Investors: Finding the right property is driven by business type and usage, property desires, cost parameters, preferred locale, and a host of variables that are often unique to each and every client. We ask the right critical questions to determine a business’s needs in order to find the best-matched properties. Sometimes, it requires “listening between the lines” if clients are not definitive about their property desires. Our customer service philosophy hinges on the belief that every client requires a custom-tailored approach as no client is exactly the same. We believe in building and fostering long-term relationships with our clients.

CCM Commercial — Your Partner in SuccessTM


At CCM Commercial, we consider ourselves “Wealth-Builder$”. Our property investment strategies are designed to help our clients make the RIGHT DECISIONS, on the RIGHT PURCHASES, at the RIGHT TIME to generate long-term wealth and future-proof their investment portfolio.